About Us

About Sherabo Organics

Sherabo Organics is a family-owned company that exclusively formulates handcrafted organic moisturizers with premium USDA-certified-organic Nilotica Shea Butter — (Ugandan Shea Butter) a rare premium variety of Shea. Sherabo Organics’ Shea is distinctively different from West African Shea. It is soft, creamy, rich in Vitamins A, E and Essential fatty acids. Sherabo Organics' skincare is a solution for families seeking non-toxic natural healthy products.  Sourcing the best grades of fair trade organic ingredients, Sherabo formulates simple freshly handmade chemical free therapeutic products using Nature's rarest and superior Shea butter variety from Uganda scientifically known as NILOTICA. Our  handcraft luxurious products that hydrate, nourish and moisturize  dry skin problematic skin (Eczema & Psoriasis), safe for delicate infant and senior's skins. Our Butters are  and made in Canada.



 Mission Statement

Sherabo Organics seeks to enhance consumers skin and hair needs by providing 100% premium therapeutic organic skincare using Uganda's Nilotica Shea butter and Shea Oil.

Sherabo Organics products enhance well-being, mobilizing in its innovative strength to preserve the beauty of every individual and the planet while supporting local communities that grow Shea trees. 



 "Sherabo" is a Ugandan word meaning "Gift". Sherabo seeks to share one of Uganda's natural most precious unique gift- Nilotica Butter.

I am a Canadian Resident. I was born and raised in Uganda. Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa is uniquely gifted with amazing organic food, culture and natural resources. Inspired by Nature's simplicity, I consciously take charge of what I eat and what I feed my hair and skin. The desire to find an excellent moisturizer, I found myself frustrated by skincare products on the market. 

This coupled with harsh weather that dehydrates the skin, I decided to create a simple organic skin moisturizer with Nilotica Shea butter. I believe my family can share with your family our precious simple formulation with loads of skin & hair benefits. One Jar of our butter can be used by the entire family. My promise is to give you an experience of Uganda's premium and most superior shea butter variety. Our brands are freshly handmade in small batches to ensure every Jar is Excellent!! 


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